Upcoming Exhibition
Click image below or see more details. Exhibition on July 7th in the Hague

Goethe said colours are lights suffering and joy. I love colours. They can lift me right up out of a terrible mood. They excite, enthrall and comfort me. In my art I strive to capture this constant dance that the colours do inside my head.

I was born and raised in southern India and this has been an invaluable artistic resource to draw from. If you have ever visited India you will know its bursting with scenes and shapes of every possible nature and yes colours too.

I moved to the Netherlands when I was 26 supposedly for a short period of time and 8 years later I'm still calling it home. I am constantly inspired by the beautiful architecture, the aliveness and interconnectedness of Europe. The Netherlands is a great place to be if you love art and design and I greatly appreciate that I can find the most stunning, hand painted crockery in a thousand colours at any department store or georgous funky boho clothes for my daughter in many Dutch shops.

My art is primarily done on canvas or pressed paper but I enjoy painting on wood and glass or just experimenting with different types of surfaces. I use acrylics, water colours, inks, markers and sometimes digital jazzing up in photoshop. Most of my art is very colourful and uplifting although sometimes this needs to be balanced with darker non traditional work.

Thank you for visiting my website and I hope you enjoy your time here.

Laila Borrie